brand experiences, prototyping, UI, UX

I worked with a UX team at Microsoft to prototype branded experiences on the Microsoft Edge default homepage (DHP). Typically, the content on the DHP comes from in a standardized format. The challenge on this project was to communicate the essential elements of a brand—their mission, vision, current campaigns, and visual identity—within the constraints of this standardized format. I worked with a small team to create several of these prototypes for top brands around the world. 

My Role: production design, presentation design, research, content curation, prototyping  |  Duration: 3 months



I began each project by researching the brand to learn who they are, what they value, and what they are trying to communicate about themselves. I then learned more about their visual style gathered content that best communicated the brand’s identity. After learning enough about the brand to come up with a plan, I sketched some wireframes to determine what placement would communicate these ideas and tell their story most effectively.