branding & identity, logo design, illustration, wayfinding, research

I worked with Lauren Ezerins to create a comprehensive brand identity and wayfinding system for Link Light Rail. The agency needed an identity refresh to help them connect with the public and ensure a solid future for public transit in Seattle. We created a solution that puts the agency in a positive position and solves signage and wayfinding problems found within the current system.

My Role: logo design, illustration, copywriting  |  Duration: 10 weeks
Collaboration with Lauren Ezerins


We began the project by conducting extensive research into Link’s past, present, and future in the city. We found that Link is at a critical juncture. While the existing line has strong ridership and public support, it does not extend very far and will not meet the needs of a growing city. Link needs an identity system that engages the public in a positive way to ensure continued support for the agency.

We established the brand’s character, purpose, positioning, and promise that builds on the transit system’s strengths and focuses on the promise that it holds for the future. We created a moodboard that represents these characteristics visually.

Brand Character

Dependable, Approachable, and Forward Thinking/Optimistic

Brand Purpose

Link Light Rail provides streamlined transit solutions that carry us into the future.


For commuters, Link Light Rail is the transit solution that provides an affordable, pleasant experience. Our brand is chosen because it is the only reliable transit option that operates outside the flow of traffic and improves the flow of your day.

Company Promise

We believe as Seattle grows we need a reliable solution to keep the city moving. That’s why we bring you accessible transit for today and continually improve to meet the needs of tomorrow. 

The overlapping shapes of the abstract mark reference connecting regions and people, while the angle of the logo implies speed and movement. It references the shape of a train but is simple and abstract enough to be recognizable as a symbol on its own. The rounded areas are friendly and approachable, and the sharp angles are streamlined and efficient. These attributes are applied to all of the other elements of the Link brand.

Signage and wayfinding elements in current Link stations suffer from inconsistency and incomplete application. Signs use different typefaces throughout the system, and sometimes do not exist. Downtown entrances can be difficult to locate with no clear visual marker.

We solved these issues with clear, consistent signage, and a wayfinding beacon that would be placed at all station entrances. From a distance, the height and color of the beacon act as a visual indicator of a station entrance. As pedestrians approach, they are able to see more detailed information about the location such as system maps and directions. The shape and color of the beacon draw from the Link logo and build stronger connections to the brand.


Ads use illustration to reinforce Link’s brand characteristics of dependability, approachability, and optimism. Illustrations depict forward movement and bright, saturated colors feel approachable and optimistic. Link needs public support to keep moving forward. We used illustrative art to help create a brand that the public truly cares about and believes in.

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