storytelling, animation, presentation design

Frank Shaw, VP of Communications at Microsoft, approached our team at Intentional Futures for help creating a keynote presentation on the topic of trust. Our team had worked with him previously to help define a visual editorial style and strengthen his status in thought leadership, and I was able to build upon that work to create an engaging presentation that aligned with his goals and communicated his message effectively.

My Role: presentation design, animation, supplemental illustrations  |  Duration: 7 days
Illustrations and visual style developed by Savannah Bergeron

The Challenge

At the time FXS's team approached us, they knew that he wanted to speak on the topic of trust, but they had not yet had enough time with him to develop the speech. We were given a rough idea of the concepts he wanted to touch on, but nothing specific to help guide timing, pacing, or transitions. With only a few days before the speech itself, we knew we needed to create a presentation that would be flexible enough to work with any content or timing. To solve for this, I created an abstract presentation that used simple animation and motion effects to establish a mood and work with any content. Repurposing existing assets ensured that the look and feel aligned with established guidelines, and the animation added a new layer of depth to the work.


As an additional challenge, all motion and animation was created using default Microsoft PowerPoint tools. This resulted in a lightweight, highly editable deck that could be used and reused by the client in a variety of circumstances, and can be edited on the fly to accommodate for variations in projection environments.